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RMTM provides multi-disciplinary thought leadership across domains. Our effectiveness is based upon our ability to bring to bear creative solutions from one discipline to solve problems in another. Our proven process avoids "groupthink." This enables us to find novel solutions to problems that traditional experts are unable to imagine.

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About our Innovation Strategy

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to devising novel solutions to problems that specialized experts are unable to conceive. We begin with a "beginners mind", often restructuring a problem to allow for a solution the way a locksmith realigns the tumblers to pick a lock. We then leverage solution patterns from diverse disciplines to envision new ways to problems that have evaded "experts" in the field.

For example, we pioneered Open Innovation in 1980 in a response to an RFP to come up with vulnerabilities in the US nuclear industry. Most bidders offered up the same traditional experts. Our chief scientist devised the idea of promoting a contest at MIT, Harvard, and CalTech, challenging students to imagine vulnerabilities in order to win a prize and a role in then finding ways to respond to the vulnerabilities.

We have since used solutions from the military intelligence community to solve problems for state transportation departments needing to estimate traffic demand and used elementary physics to optimize material-handling solutions.

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